Electronic prescribing

Electronic prescribing provides an option for prescribers and their patients to use an electronic Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescription. Paper prescriptions will still be available.

Electronic prescriptions will give people convenient access to their medicines and will improve patient safety by reducing the risk of transcription errors. They can also lessen the risk of infection being spread in general practice waiting rooms and at community pharmacies as they are sent directly to the patient and can be forwarded to the pharmacy.

You do not need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions.

Electronic prescriptions must meet a high level of privacy and security. Your prescription is protected and cannot be accessed by anyone until it is unlocked at your pharmacy when you give them your token.

If you lose your token, you will need to ask your doctor to cancel the electronic prescription and issue a new one. The doctor will send you a new token.

You will get a separate token for each medicine you are prescribed. If you have repeats on your prescription, your pharmacy will send you a new token for your next repeat. You will need to give the new token to the pharmacist when it is time to get your medicine.

How You Will Receive An Electronic Prescription (Electronic Token)

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    You will receive an electronic prescription from your prescriber in the form of a message to their mobile phone or via an email.
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    The message you receive will contain a internet link (URL).
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    You must select the link (URL) and will be prompted to open the token on either a web page or in a medication management App e.g. the MedAdvisor PharmaSaveApp.
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    You will receive a separate token for each medicine they are prescribed.
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    You are then able to share the Electronic Token in the form of a unique QR code token with your PharmaSave pharmacy.